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Gym LED Timer

Barbell collars are an essential part of weightlifting. A Barbell Collar is placed on barbells and dumbbells to keep the weight disk from becoming too loose and falling off the bar while in use.

Gym Timers are a must have for any gym, trainer, or athletic facility. Program your own interval workouts or pick from the pre-loaded functions

58 (2) 副本副本

Feature :

(1)Frame:Aluminum Alloy

(2)Net Weight:4KG

(3)Power supply:DC12V

(4)Installation:wall/ceiling mount

58 (1) 副本副本

Advanatge : (1) Easy operation 

                    (2) Long life span

                    (3) Wide visual range

58 (3) 副本副本


Overall Size 730mm x 160mm x 75mm(29” x 6.3” x 3.1”)

Controller IR remote  

Numeric Characters 6-digit, 4”LED ultra brightness light tubes display

Visual range 30m

LED Color Optional Red, Amber, Blue,White,Green  (default in 2digits blue+4digits red )

Frame Materials Black Aluminum alloy frame with plexiglass panel at front