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Strength Equipment Gym Hammers

Gym hammer is Perfect for home exercise and gym training, Ideal for cardio, strength, core, mobilIty, rotational and impact training.
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Gym hammer is perfect for home exercise and gym training, ideal for cardio, strength, core, mobility, rotational and impact training.

33-1 副本副本

Feature :

(1) Single-body solid steel construction. Very durable and sturdy

(2) Knurled at the middle and near the end of the handle for better grip

(3) Head is welded to handle for increasing safety and performance

(4) Well Weighted. Symmetrically Balanced for optimum weight equalization

33-2 副本副本


(1) Heave duty steel 

(2) Logo OEM 

(3) Professional package .

33-5 副本副本

Material: Steel

Weight Range: 6KG to 36KG(10LB to 80LB)

Total Length Range: 76CM to 95CM

Handle Length Range: 70CM to 95CM

Surface: Powder Coated/E-Coating