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AZJ Fitness Skull Kettlebells

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AZJ Fitness Skull Kettlebells

skull kettlebells won’t give you any advantages over regular or competition kettlebells. However, their unique design is sure to impress or pique the curiosity of others. People who have used regular kettlebells in the past might appreciate the stylish flair they bring to their home gym.

The functional novelty kettlebells further down are meant to simulate the benefits of normal kettlebells but either make use of your existing equipment or save you money with their unique construction.

Regardless of your choice, your primary goal should still be to get in shape, lose weight, or improve your physique when using kettlebells. Fortunately, you won’t have to compromise on this when you purchase a novelty bell. You’ll be able to work out in style and perhaps encourage friends and family to start their own fitness journey!


Solid Cast Iron Skull Kettlebell


This skull kettlebell not only looks amazing but functions just as well as a regular kettlebell. There are multiple sizes to choose from including: 10kg (22 lbs.), 12kg (26 lbs.), 14kg (31 lbs.), 16kg (35 lbs.), 18kg (40 lbs.), 20kg (44 lbs.), 24kg (53 lbs.), 28kg (62 lbs.), and 32kg (71 lbs.). Each size has a distinct color band for easy identification. So if you wanted to purchase several for a set, you’ll know exactly which weight you’re picking up.

Also of importance is that it doesn’t sacrifice on comfort or design quality. A black powder coat finish protects the solid one-piece cast iron core from chipping or rusting. The wide handle allows you to perform swings, renegade rows, and other popular kettlebell exercises easily. Well, easy in terms of comparing them to regular kettlebells!


9 Sizes – No matter what your fitness level, gender, or age is, there are plenty of options to suit your needs.

Wide Handle & Flat Base – Work out comfortably and have peace of mind knowing that this kettlebell is stable on a floor or rack.

One-Piece Cast Iron – Just like you’d expect from high-end kettlebells, no screws or attachments to worry about breaking off.